Customizing Your Postcards

For many decades now, postcards have become a symbol of sharing yourself to your distant family members and friends. Sending and receiving them is truly an enjoyable experience everyone is anticipating. If one wanted to send a postcard in the past, he can visit a bookstore or gift shops to pick a pre-printed design and send. But now, postcards can be given a personal touch through customization. Anyone can be creative and design his own postcard with simplicity and ease. Your personal photographs can also be used to add personal touch to the design. Here are some techniques how:

Unique postcard printing ideas – Minuteman Press South Africa

Shapes: It may be obvious, but changing something as simple as the shape of your postcard can turn them into real eye-catchers. Modern printing and cutting technology means that we can easily cut your printed material into

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Key in your billing details and done! Cost? Every instagram postcard costs USD 1.99 ~ RM 7 – which I think isn't too bad for a high quality personalized postcard (shipping included). It'd be a perfect el-cheapo birthday gift :P

15 Modern Postcard Designs – The Print Blog


Having a modern postcard design is a great idea for certain types of businesses and can give your brand a "with the times" feel.

There are online stores and printing services that can help you with your Detroit postcard printing needs for convenience and more professional touch. Many different features are available to help you come out with a unique and customized postcard. They can also help you choose the best possible material that matches your concept and design. Even people who are not so inclined with art can deliver magnificent postcards their family and friends can enjoy. With the holiday season coming up, now is the best time to send your beloved ones a customized postcard you personally created.

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