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I have set up a multilingual fiction-cum-comic site (DZFiction. Com) to let writers and comic artists publish and sell their original works to a global audience. There are also options for them to publish in one of three languages – English, Mandarin Chinese or Japanese. There are no set-up fees and signing up for an account is free and user-friendly. After which, they can just post their works on the site. They will have complete control over the pricing, sampling and marketing of their works after they have posted five sample chapters. DZFiction will allow them to earn 70% of the net sales from their titles as well as access to free marketing tools to promote their works. They can even choose to have their fiction adapted into another format e. G. Fiction into comics or translated into another language, and get the percentage of royalties they wish to receive. However, there is not many writers or comic artists posting on site despite social media marketing and partnering writing groups. I wonder how I can interest writers and comic artists with my site. Many thanks for your reply, akaMaryn. My website stands out from others due to its multilingual platform as well as the option for adaptation – writers can have their works adapted and receive royalties they wanted. I’magine, having a novel adapted into a Japanese manga. This can happen on my site. Well, I have your answer right here. The old saying, “Nothing sells like success,” is true. You need to advertise, probably paying for it like any other business, noting the great success of existing clients, if any have had such success. But a vanity press/self publisher is facing enormous competition, since so many people can set them up at little or no cost. What do you offer that no one else does? How do you intend to reach this global audience? How does that, and you, support your clients’ efforts? Why should anyone pick you over the next guy? If you can’t answer these, you need a more solid business plan. Offering a high percentage on sales isn’t worth much if you can’t target your market.

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