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News Corporation? News Corporation is a diversified global media company with operations in eight industry segments: filmed entertainment; television; cable network programming; direct broadcast satellite television; integrated marketing services; newspapers and info services; book publishing; and other. The activities of News Corporation are conducted principally in the United States, Continental Europe, the United Kingdom, Australia, Asia and Latin America. Pastor Kettle: Explain to us how that works please. You are making a huge stretch here. And so today I found out that… No, we’re enjoying such information. Muslims and Republicans are conservative extremists trying to deprive the population at large of lots of freedoms.

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  1. Mrs Lowell280 says:

    I don’t really care. . .

    but if he owned 7 percent of Turner (CNN parent company). . . how many cons would wet their pants? how about “all of them”. . . we would have to issue flash flood warnings actually. . . well between the pants wetting and Beck’s tears. . .

  2. Mindy453 says:

    Actually they are laughing their heads off at it.
    It makes your Fox network the largest contributor to the GZ Mosque.
    Enjoy it now.

    You guys are funny.

  3. Wizard Durham says:

    This fact was revealed to point out the flaw in the logic of the nit – wits on Fox “News” who say the NYC mosque is somehow evil or dangerous because of their affiliations with a man that they themselves are affiliated with.

  4. Wiz Raneesh says:

    But they didn’t bat an eyelid at the knowledge of BP and Goldman Sachs donating millions to Obama. They claim the Saudi prince makes Fox News’ biased but there’s no conflict of interest with Obama’s big donors.

  5. Marcalo Lowell says:

    Because he is the second largest shareholder, behind the CEO. That is a lot of money this man has invested in NewsCorp. Fox News is the only “news” reporting his group as questionable and having ties to terrorist, yet they fail to mention he is the owner of that group. They also had him on a few years back saying he was the owner of this great reputable group. They also criticize the Imam who wants to build the community center, yet they had him on in May to promote his book. He is also a US advisor to both Obama and Bush. Fox News criticized him for saying that the US is partly to blame for 9/11 but didn’t even listen to his argument when he said that it was our foreign policies that upset other countries and create the hatred toward the US, which hits the nail on the head.

    It isn’t liberals wetting their pants, it is people with logic trying to point out a hugely hypocritical situation.

  6. Dee Raneesh says:

    This is disturbing because C0ns and Muslims are the same in terms of right wing ideology.

    They want to ban alcohol, gayness, and dancing and control peoples social lives

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