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According to an article carrier orientation is determined by the pisces influence in a birth chart. Here is a part of this article: Careers through the Pisces Influence To understand how to apply these principles in a birth chart, here is a list of examples of professional associations with the Pisces archetype. These associations are made when one feature of the Pisces archetype (sign, house, or planet) is synthesized with another sign’s archetype. For example, Mars in the 12th house reflects Pisces (12th house) synthesized with Aries (Mars). Further applications will follow. Pisces/Aries: any artistically oriented profession, activism, defense, army, crhyme, criminology, weapons industry, firefighting, sports, sales, sex industry, professions portraying sex symbols (fashion modeling, show business). Pisces/Taurus: finances, banking, loans, music, design (interior, hair, graphic); landscape architecture, construction industry, massage, sex industry, food industry. Pisces/Gemini: transportation, travel, communication, language and translation, cross-cultural professions, anthropology, lecturing and writing (published), media and journalism, teaching and special education, trend-related professions. Pisces/Cancer: hospitality industry, food industry, real estate, social work, foster care, homeland security, the ability to address/affect public emotions: politics, show business. Pisces/Leo: creativity/art, performance, show business, leadership (politics, spiritual teaching, film directing); professions related to children (pediatrics, toy/game industry, school-teaching, adoption); pet industry, saving lives: medical field. Pisces/Virgo: medical field (conventional or alternative modalities); mechanics, maintenance, secretarial work, engineering, hygiene-related professions, domestication of the wild (animal training, agriculture); professions related to body use and refinement (sports, yoga, diet, fitness industries); professions related to beauty and aesthetics (design, plastic surgery, fashion industry and modeling). Pisces/Libra: any aspect of counseling (psychology, consulting); mediation, law, wedding industry, professions that relate to the exploration of the lives of others (biographies, journalism/interviews); sociology, human resources. Pisces/Scorpio: therapy (psychology and related alternative modalities); defense (crhyme, criminology, weapons, security); sex industry, banking, mortgages, death industry (hospice, funeral, coroner’s work). Pisces/Sagittarius: publishing, sales, entrepreneurship, higher education, mysticism, theology, anthropology, travel. Pisces/Capricorn: politics, law and law enforcement, professions related to morality; mentoring, education, training, architecture. Pisces/Aquarius: all sciences, engineering, computer industry, Internet businesses, research and inventions, astrology and esoteric disciplines, professions that relate to community/organizations; human resources/social rights, mental health and psychiatry, media and broadcasting, scriptwriting (fiction and science fiction); photography, trend-related professions. Pisces/Pisces (e. G. , Neptune or Pisces in the 12th house or Neptune in Pisces): natural resources (oil, gas, gems); oceanography, climate-related professions, wildlife and nature, professions related to religion and spirituality; vacation industry (resorts, travel); public institutions (police, health care, firefighting, army, welfare); movie industry. The 10th house demonstrates how we are going to promote and manage our career, rather than the actual choice of career. I was so happy to find this — wow. . Not sure where you got that data, but it is describing the house traits, and truly poor direction for career insights. Vocational astrology does not work this way. Know that not all data on the world-wide-web is complete or solid data.

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  1. Jasmine Raneesh896 says:

    Nope. I like artistic jobs. . not health jobs. It depends on what your placements are in the 10th house or midheaven.

  2. Mindy Lowell says:

    Hmm. . . I quite get this. . .

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