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I have ten years of experience in three different countries teaching primary, secondary and adults, mainstream and ELT and would like to know if anyone out there has a suggestion as to what I could study in order to start a new career in London in publishing or media, without wasting my ten years of experience as an educator? Currently a primary teacher in London, looking ot branch out of teaching without a (huge..) salary drop. Am thinking of spending the next year studying part time, while still doing my current job. Any ideas or success stories of ex teachers would be appreciated. I was happy to learn… Hi there I would carry on teaching and study part time at college. That way you can do both and have a look around at whats out there. I mean London is BIG and I think you will find something. That’s why I moved to Munich and changed my career from Music teacher to NANNY. But I love it :-)

This video explains how to publish your project in AutoPlay Media Studio 6. 0. Discussions on hard drive build, CD-ROM build and Internet build.

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