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Emergency Now www. Emergency-now. Com bari@emergency-now. Com I have a publishing company in the field of emergency preparedness, which specializes in educational awareness for children ages 8-14. This company is geared for English speaking as well as ESL children. There are many books and publications available to teach adults about how to respond to emergencies. However, there is nothing available for children. My publications have a heavy emphasis on the use of cartoons and illustrations which enables children to identify easily with the information being presented. This idea was spawned while living in Asia, amongst people who have no awareness of emergency preparedness. I felt inspired to help these children to be prepared in case of emergencies. By using a cartoon family as the focus, it allows readers to relate with the characters, and learn about emergency preparedness without feeling afraid. These publications are meant to be a prhymer course on preparedness education and will hopefully wet the reader’s appetites and create a desire for further exploration. I have also created a merchandise series including: backpacks, fanny packs, hats and t-shirts. These accessories are designed to further increase awareness amongst children. The idea is that the more often the “Emergency Now” logo is seen; the more reminders there will be of emergency preparedness training. I am hoping to find a publisher that would like to engage in a mutually beneficial partnership with me to get these materials published both nationally and internationally. The name “Emergency Now” is trademarked and the material is copyrighted. We also have created a website which is now up and running www. Emergency-now. Com. My company has also created blogs, and other social media tools to help increase awareness. After researching your company, I feel that there is great potential for a mutually beneficial relationship. Your Company would be an ideal candidate for publishing these titles and merchandise. With your help, we can teach children to plan, prepare, and protect for an emergency. Perhaps we might even be able to help save a life. Please have a look at my website, www. Emergency-now. Com to see all of the products I have developed. If interested, I would be happy to send you samples of anything you would like – books, calendars, merchandise, etc. I am passionate about reaching out to the world with this message. I have a team behind me that consists of experts at website development, social media marketing, SEO, video and other aspects of press, so I am happy to help market these products. This is a fantastic opportunity to interact with an untapped market of children and those who do not speak English as a first language. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Sincerely yours, Bari Swartz bari@emergency-now. Com USA 1541. 515. 3843 Cambodia +855. 976. 992877. I think I found an answer. This is inspiring.

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