Suggestions for Getting the Most Out of Your Printing Company

No matter how extensively businesses use the Internet in their operations, there will always be a need for printed material. Printed media will never disappear – in fact, with the advancements in printing technology, it’s easier than ever to produce really great-looking business cards, brochures, catalogs, flyers, letterhead, and other printed items.

If you’re planning on staying in business for a while, you’ll be using printing services on a regular basis. You can get the most out of your printing company by keeping some common sense tips in mind.

Consider the level of service that you need from your printer. Some budget printers tend to skimp on customer service. They’re just trying to get as many jobs done as possible, in the shortest possible time. But if you’re looking for intelligent recommendations about paper stock, ink varieties, and printing methods, then you are better off dealing with a printer that offers more personalized service.

Don’t overlook the benefits of ordering printed products over the Internet. Online printers are usually large commercial operations that focus on quantity and efficiency. Their selection of printed items may be limited, but they do a good job on those few items. Best of all, their prices can be equivalent to or even lower than prices quoted from offline printers.

Make sure that you submit artwork for the printed products in the proper format. (The printing company should be able to tell you their requirements.) Otherwise, you could incur extra costs for converting your artwork to a useable format. These days, a print-ready PDF file is the industry standard.

Try not to leave printing jobs to the last minute. Plan ahead, and allow a reasonable amount of time to fulfill your order, whether you’re dealing with an online printer or a local company. There are limits to how much the production process can be rushed. Furthermore, “rush” jobs are more likely to have errors, and you may even pay a premium to get a quick turnaround on your order.

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