Traditional Postcards Used the Modern Way

We cannot deny the fact that traditional form of communication has stepped aside to give way for the modern method which is through the click of a mouse or tapping our mobile devices. However, there are still many who enjoy the tradition of using postcards to send messages. The following articles express how the traditional postcards we know of are used in the current age when technology oozes from just everywhere.

5 Ways to Market through Direct Mail Postcards | Deliver Magazine


Postcards are flexible enough to work in any stage of a multitouch effort, like ahead of a dimensional mailer to pique interest, for instance, or after a sales letter to spur a response. Modern Postcard in Carlsbad, Calif., offers a

Interesting Brochure and Postcard Design | Modern Digital Art …


In this article we have featured few of the most creative Brochure, Business Cards and Packaging Designs created by various talented artists from around the world. SZ Developments Brochure Designed by DHNN Creative

The development of information communication technology is awesome and has brought our lives in a whole new perspective. But, we can also never deny the power of ‘paper and pen’ tools as a means of communication. Letters, postcards, and other hand-written materials deliver messages coupled with warmth coming from the sender himself. In many cases, technology and traditional methods are often combine for more creative concepts like digitally designed and printed postcards, posters and similar items. To find out more how these things can be done, you can visit

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