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My book is published by Penguin Illustrated Classics but it’s the ancient type. It’s paperback and the cover layout is like this: PRIDE AND PREJUDICE [picture] JANE AUSTEN It has a vertical red lining on the right and one on the left I tried searching for the publishing year but I couldn’t find it. The pages have turned yellow so I guess it must be old. Do you know what I found? Paperbacks have a tendency to age faster. Just because the pages are yellowed doesn’t necessarily mean you have an old book. Plus, if it is a paperback it probably is not all that valuable. To see when it was published go to the information page and see what the last publication date was. It is mostly on the second page on the left hand side where all the dates and ISBN numbers are located. It will say something like first Penguin Publishing, which printing it was, and the year of publication along with a lot of other information.

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