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When was my copy of Pride and Prejudice published? My book is published by Penguin Illustrated Classics but it’s the ancient type. It’s paperback and the cover layout is like this: PRIDE AND PREJUDICE [picture] JANE AUSTEN It has a vertical red lining on the right and one on the left I tried searching for the publishing year but I couldn’t find it. (I flipped EVERY page) My father bought it when he was teen so I think it’s from the 70’s I’ve no intention of selling it whatsoever, I just want to know the method of printing used for it. Basically… If he got it used, it could be earlier. Penguin started the Illustrated Classics in 1938 and Austen was one of the titles. There’s an interesting article on the history here: ,,102867_0,00. Html I would contact Penguin and describe your copy to view if they could give you more information.

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